Research & Development

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World first standardization of Seapolynol®

Standardized dietary natural complex of unique marine polyphenols produced by specific brown algaes secondary metabolites. More than a decade of research (isolation, clinical, preclinical, in vivo, in vitro, etc.) has revealed spectrum of powerful health benefits of Seanol® especially in age and lifestle-related chronic diseases.

  • As safe as GRAS (US food safety standard)
  • Used by more than 5 million people in the US and Asia for 20 years without any adverse effects
  • Registered as NDI (“New Dietary Ingredient”) at US FDA in 2008
  • Approved as a health-functional food ingredient by MFDS in 2011
  • Safety from cell level up to human has been verified by GLP and GCP studies
  • Seanol® is produced under GMP and HACCP control

  • Multi-functional bioactivities are translated to superb efficacy in aging and degenerative symptoms
  • Complete control of inflammation without side effects
  • Strong anti-oxidant power with high medicinal efficacy
  • Excellent circulation enhancer without side effect
  • Synergic effect with many other dietary ingredients enables high-end products in a multitude of health-care areas


US-FDA notification of Seanol® as NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) in 2008
US-FDA notification of Seapolynol® as IND (Investigational New Drug) in 2013
MFDS Korea official notification of Seapolynol® as New Functional Substance for Lowering Cholesterol in human body in 2011


  Category Registered Processing
1 Prevention & therapy manageemtn in cerebral diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia 5  
2 Prevention & therapy management in Cancer 2 2
3 Prevention & therapy management in diabetes & diabetic complications 1  
4 Improvement in hypertension 2  
5 Improvement & therapy management in pain management such as neuralgia, fibromyalgia, etc. 2 2
6 Therapy for arthritis 2 1
7 Blood composition and hematopoietic 1  
8 Improvement of problems of impotence 1  
9 Protection and improvement for the skin 2  
10 Improvement and maintainance for oral health 2  
11 Improvement for scalp and hairs (Prevention of hairloss) 3  
12 Improvement for liver-function and therapy treatement for liver diseases 2  
13 Manufacturing methods for Korean Red Ginseng   1
14 Novel Core material from Ecklonia cava   1