• Oral Botanical API manufactured from a brown algae
  • Novel single-molecular synthetic drug candidates
  • Proven safe in dosages in Phase I trial
  • Anti-inflammation, pro-circulation, cytoprotection from oxidative stress
  • Diabetic complications such as cardiovascular complications under type II diabetes
  • CNS diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.), post-stroke accelerated recovery
  • Neurotransmitter activation, activation of cerebrovascular circulation, protection from neuroinflammation, protection from amyloid toxicity
  • US FDA IND approved in 2013: IND11500
  • US Phase I study successfully completed in 2014

Medical Food

  • Meal-equivalent products for disease prevention and recovery
  • Based on patented formula for enhancing healthy blood production, circulation and detoxification
  • Perfect meal for quick recovery after surgery
  • Helping to manage aging symptoms such as arthritis, menopause, and CFS
  • Enhancing the function of immune system
  • Anti-aging efficacy through improvement in blood circulation
  • Flexibility in product forms
  • US FDA NDI Docket No. 955-0316

Seanol®-inside Line

  • As safe as GRAS (US food safety standard)
  • Used by more than 5 million people in the US and Asia for 20 years without any adverse effects
  • Multi-Functions : Reverse-Aging (Skin-lifting, wrinkle removal, and whitening ,.. Etc .)
  • 3rd generation healthy drink
  • Outstanding antioxidant power
  • Synergic effect with many other dietary ingredients enables high-end products in a multitude of health care areas

Seanol®-inside Products

3rd Generation of Healthy Beverage
SINQI Red Ginseng with Seanol®
Personal Care
Functional Cream