New Paradigm Changer

In these days, the most advanced science focuses on “inflammation” as a fundamental target for curing all kinds of chronic diseases. As it is acknowledged, chronic Inflammation causes abnormal intracellular/intercellurlar metabolism and it shall shrink spontaneous healing process in our body.

The state of chronic inflammation is a complex entanglement and vicious cycle creased by a combination of the following factors: oxidative stress, depressed blood circulation and activated inflammatory enzyme molecules. Therefore, there are no fundamental benefits by a symptomatic diagnosis and treatment.

By simultaneously eliminating the above three factors, spontaneous healing capability could be recovered and the fundamental healing to the healthy state can be effectively revealed.

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Role as lifestyle changer

We develop higly efficient botanical formulation to treat all discomfort or symptoms. We also research and develop the specially designed botanical drugs to cure and treat neurodegenerative disesases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, movement disability & disorder diseases, diabetes, etc. Thanks to more than a decade of research, it is revealed a spectrum of powerful health benefits of Seanol®/ Seapolynol® in age-related and lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

We do have highly functional dietary supplement and reverse aging functional cream with Seanol®/Seapolynol®, which goes well with various healthy and sound ingredients. You will experience your body ameliorates with your health.


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